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A Client Question - When will my Priority Date be current?

Client Question:

Based on the current run rate for green card applications, when should we expect my priority date to become current (Canadian with I-130 PD of July 24, 2015 based on green card spouse filing so F-2A) – perhaps January 2017? Or possibly earlier based on the Dates for Filing Visa Applications? After filing the submission, how many more months is it typically before I receive the green card?  Looking forward to hearing from you. 

Attorney Answer:

I would anticipate that you would be able to proceed with the second stage of the green card process (either adjustment of status or immigrant visa processing) based on the “Dates for Filing Visa applications” in the next few months with the actual Priority Date becoming current early next year if the current trend continues. 

Currently, the Dates for Filing Visa Applications for your category is June 15, 2015 and the Current Priority Date is November 1, 2014.  Your Priority Date is July 24, 2015.

Once you are able to file based on the "Date for Filing Visa Applications", the application can be filed/processed, but will not be adjudicated until after your Priority Date becomes current.  It will also likely take several weeks (or a couple of months) after the Priority Date is current to actual complete the adjudication process.

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