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USCIS Proposes to Increase Filing Fees for Re-Entry Permit (and others)

In a proposed rule released today in the Federal Register, USCIS is proposing new filing fees - averaging an increase of 21%.  

For re-entry permits, USCIS is proposing changing the current filing fee of $360 to $575 - an increase of 60%.  The biometrics fee remains the same at $85.  (Current total filing fee is $445 - Proposed total filing fee would be $660)

While the effective date is unclear and these fee increases are not confirmed, they represent a substantial investment for green card holders seeking multiple re-entry permits for family members, as well as subsequent re-entry permits. 

Other proposed fee changes include (but are not limited to) [not inclusive of applicable biometrics fees]:

I-130 (Family-Based Immigrant Petition)--> Current - $420; Proposed - $535

I-485 (Application to Adjust Status) --> Current - $985; Proposed - $1,140

I-765 (Employment Authorization) --> Current - $380; Proposed - $410

I-90 (Green Card Renewal/Replacement) --> Current - $365; Proposed - $455

I-129F (Fiance Petition) --> Current - $340; Proposed - $535

I-601A (Provisional Hardship Waiver) --> Current - $585; Proposed - $630

I-751 (Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence) --> Current - $505; Proposed - $595

N-400 (Naturalization) --> Current - $595; Proposed - $640

I-212 (Consent to Reapply after Removal) --> Current - $585; Proposed - $930

I-601 (Hardship Waiver) --> Current - $585; Proposed - $930

I-612 (Exceptional Hardsip Waiver for Foreign Residence Requirement) --> Current - $585; Proposed - $930

For most filings, applicants will just have to accept the fee increases when effective.  

For others, if there is an option to file an application sooner rather than later, they should try to take advantage of the current reduced filing fee.  Example - If you are considering naturalization and are currentrly eligible, you may want to apply with the reduced fees.  If you are thinking of sponsoring a family member, you may want to go ahead and file now.





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