Welcome to Family to USA - Authored by U.S. Immigration Attorney Nisha V. Fontaine

As someone who has personally navigated through the immigration process, I believe that I have a unique perspective on cases and take pride in helping my clients meet their U.S. immigration goals. 

Born in India, I have lived in the U.S. since I was an infant.  While I was in my early teens, through no actions of my own, I was thrown into the world of immigration law.  It started with being placed in removal proceedings, applying for suspension of deportation (now cancellation of removal) and being questioned by an Immigration Judge in Immigration Court.  After being granted suspension of deportation, I became a lawful permanent resident and once eligible, applied for naturalization (and I had an attorney accompany me!).  My father had obtained his permanent resident status in the 1980's through amnesty - and in the 1990's, I saw him go through bond proceedings and removability proceedings because of actions he had committed to ensure my brother and I had the opportunity to become whoever we wanted to be - not be limited by cultural, social, and financial limitations.  I later saw his application for naturalization take years to adjudicate and saw his ongoing stress and anxiety.  

Since becoming an immigration attorney, I have seen my own brother navigate (and assisted him with navigating) the immigration process to sponsor his wife, a Russian national he met and fell in love with while she was in the U.S. on a summer work-travel program.   Their process involved a fiancé petition (Form I-129F), K-1 visa, adjustment of status (Form I-485), removal of conditions (Form I-751) and finally a naturalization application (Form N-400) - my sister-in-law is now a U.S. citizen.  

I share my history to tell you that I have honestly been in many of my client's shoes. I've felt the stress, anxiety, and fear that my clients feel.  I also remember with vivid clarity how important our attorneys were to us at each step of the process - whether it be the explanations, the hope, the options, and most importantly, the truth.  

The above is why this website is devoted to providing an overview of family-related U.S. immigration matters, including insight into navigating this complex area. This website discusses the infamous U.S. Dept. of State Visa Bulletin and family preference categories, pathways to obtaining a green card based on familial relationships and eventually applying for naturalization.  

For the latest information on trends and issues that we are seeing in the field with family-related immigration issues and unique tips and solutions, please visit my Blog. Some of the postings include Affidavit of Support issues, J-1 hardship waivers, Applying for Naturalization under INA §319(b), etc. 

Additionally, please feel free to utilize the Submit Question feature to send me a question about your immigration issue/concern. My Blog also contains previous questions submitted by other website patrons.

Since immigration law is a federal matter, I am able to assist clients from all over the U.S. and in fact, all over the world, through the immigration process.  Should you wish to receive a professional thorough analysis of your case, please do not hesitate to contact my office to schedule a consultation and/or to retain my services. 

Thank you and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!